Review Policy

I currently review ARCs for the Amazon Vine Program, and also participate in blog tours, and those keeps me pretty busy.  However, if you would like to submit a book or a galley for reiew, please feel free to e-mail me at julzddm [at] aol [dot] com.  Not all inquiries will be answered or accepted, but I will make an attempt to address as many as I can.  I am not interested in self-published books.  I do not have an e-reader, so hard copies are all I can manage.  Reviews will be completely honest based on my opinion of the product and disclosures will be included when necessary.  All reviews will also be published on Amazon and Goodreads.

Publishers and Authors, your chance of my acceptance of your book would be greater if you keep in mind my favorite genres (my absolute favorite subjects are The Tudors, WWII, and The Romanovs and the Russian Revolution):

  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Non Fiction (History, Russia, Tudors, WWII, True Crime, Adventure)
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Some Young Adult

I will not considerthe following books :

  • Self Help
  • Religious
  • Romance
  • Fantasy/Sci Fi
  • Children’s

My ranking system goes something like this:

  • 5 stars – I had so much fun reading this book!
  • 4 stars – I really liked this book, but it’s not an all-time favorite
  • 3 stars – This book had merit, but there were some aspects I didn’t like
  • 2 stars – This book might have had potential if it was totally rewritten
  • 1 star – Craptacular.  Don’t.  Waste.  Your.  Time.

5 responses to “Review Policy

  1. Hello
    I found you on Goodreads, then on Amazon. I’d love for you to include my book, “Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History” in your list of Jewish Historical books. I would be more than willing to send you a copy for review, should you find this of interest. If you look at my Amazon page, you will see the reviews I’ve received so far, as well as a summary of the book. I’ve been honored, as well, to have the book placed in the libraries of YIVO Jewish Institute for Research and The Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Great hearing from you Delin. I am intrigued by your book, so please send me an email at the address listed above and I will reply with where you can send a copy. Cheers!


  3. I have just published a Jewish historical novel, The Nine Inheritors: The Extraordinary Odyssey of A Family and Their Ancient Torah Scroll. The Nine Inheritors chronicles the extraordinary odyssey a a priceless Torah from its birth in Jerusalem in 1790 to a humble Lithuanian shtetl: across the ocean to New York City: from New York City to the xenophobic South of the early twentieth century: from the top secret Manhattan Project at Los Alamos in the 1940s to the burgeoning Silicon Valley of the 1980s: from the struggling Palestinian State of the 21st century to the colorful Jewish community in Mexico City—as the nine inheritors, inextricably linked to their Torah, struggle to fulfill their obligation to preserve their precious family legacy in the face of shocking events. This sweeping narrative pulls the reader from inheritor to inheritor, and does not slow its pace until the revelations at the end. The Nine Inheritors is an excursion into a linked set of lives that you will not want to miss or soon forget. Would you be interested in reviewing it?
    For more detailed information please visit:

  4. Hello Julie. I’m enjoying browsing through your site. I believe you spoke with my friend Dale (from the train🙂 ). I would be honored to send you some information regarding my novel.


    Darlene Johnson

  5. Dear Julie,

    First, I apologize for contacting you via a comment on your site, but I was unable to locate an email address for you. I see that you reviewed the book “Firefly Lane” on Amazon and many other books in that same genre. I also write women’s fiction and wondered if you would be willing to let me provide you with a copy of my latest release in hopes that you would consider reviewing my book as well?

    My first novel Atomic Summer, far exceeded my expectations; receiving an honorable mention in the 2012 Southern California Book festival, reaching #3 in Coming of Age genre on Amazon, and receiving mostly 5 star reviews. The book (advanced review copy) I want to send you is my second novel entitled Restoration (Sept 18 release) and is also a women’s fiction book.

    Below is the synopsis:
    RESTORATION (quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards)
    When your life is shattered you can live damaged or choose to repair it.
    With a signed death warrant and final appeals running out, Tess Olsen anticipates the execution of the man her mother deserted her family for thirteen years ago. Randall Wright’s death will expel his disturbing legacy and return her mother to her; it’s as simple as that, or so she believes. But Randall Wright robbed her life of more than just her mother and like a splinter slowly and painfully working its way to the surface, those stolen pieces begin emerging.

    Working as an art conservator in New York City, Tess keeps an emotional distance from co-workers. She has no close ties since isolating herself during her teen years when the tale of Randall Wright’s crimes, trial, and marriage to her mother was published in a Pulitzer Prize winning article. She yearns for the family she had and is unable to accept who they are now.

    Tess is dating Ben Elliot, an art critic for the New York Times. The relationship both intrigues and unnerves her. Unlike men she’s dated in the past, Ben is more interested in her than her physical attributes and any sex she can offer. Although drawn to Ben, she is more comfortable with men like Kenyon LeMere, a brazen artist Ben introduces her to who has a reputation for translating his sexual liaisons into art.

    Restoration chronicles Tess Olsen’s challenge to restore her life, relationships, and dreams back to the promise they held before Randall Wright.
    The creative genesis for Restoration was an incident where a married Florida woman divorced her husband and left her children to marry a death row inmate. I wondered what would become of the children and how this would shape their lives. Restoration is a highly fictionalized account of my inner musings.

    I can provide the book to you as a digital file or if you wish I can even send you a printed copy. It’s up to you.
    Of course, I understand that you are under zero obligation to review my book, and if you do review it, you can leave a good, or a bad review. I am simply looking for the opportunity to have you consider it.

    Thank you. I look forward to your response.

    Elaine D Walsh

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