The Maze Runner by James Dashner

the maze runnerPublished by Delacorte Press, 2009 ****

Imagine waking up in a metal box with no memories and being thrust into an environment with a few dozen adolescent boys without any idea of where you came from or why you’re there. That’s exactly what happens to Thomas and he must learn to adapt to life in The Glade, which is surrounded by The Maze. I appreciated the Lord of the Flies-esque atmosphere, but without the anarchy, as all of the characters are exceptionally smart and resourceful. Although I found it frustrating that the boys wouldn’t directly answer Thomas’s questions about his situation, it was an effective device in slowly leaking vital plot points, which kept me engaged. Little by little, Thomas becomes familiar with his new environs and the mystery of The Maze. Add a comatose girl and some nasty monsters to the mix, and Thomas has a lot of discoveries to make about this new world.

As far as dystopian trilogies go, this was a strong start and I can only hope the others in the series maintain this momentum. I liked the characters and the open-ended conclusion left me curious about what is in store for Thomas and his friends.

6 responses to “The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  1. bookgeeking

    I have had this for years but not read it, really need to get around to it.

  2. We must have read this around the same time. I really enjoyed this book and am desperately waiting for the others to become available at the Library so I can devour them also.
    I get what you are saying about the boys not answering Tom’s questions, but to be honest I found it kind of natural, having grown up with 2 younger brothers I believe them to be the Kings of not answering questions directed at them hahaha. The ending left me really wanting to read the sequel and at the same time mad at what the reader now knows that the characters don’t (I am being vague in order to avoid spoilers🙂 )

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