Reno Madness Continues

Lots of fun stuff happened today.  Cabinets finished, hardware (except on the drawers), plumbing, etc…

Check out the features of the peninsula.  Where there was only a giant cabinet, now I have DRAWERS!  And the corner cabinet has a cool door that was formerly wasted space, only accessible by reaching waaaay under the sink.

That’s  major square footage added for storage.  And here’s the other wall (the oven works and that’s our NEW microwave):

So no new updates until next week.  Monday they’re working on details you won’t be able to appreciate from the pictures like new outlets, paint touch ups and various other little things.  We’re at a standstill until granite goes in.  I can’t wait to show you my sink!

One response to “Reno Madness Continues

  1. Wow, your kitchen is looking great! I’ve enjoyed all of the photos, since I am way, way far from getting to do a house remodel of my own🙂 I have to own a house first!

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