Vacation Reads

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend.  Kitchen update: we ordered and put a deposit down on our cabinets.  Cherry wood, shaker style, cappuccino finish.  And we found a beautiful countertop we hope to use.  Granite with creams, beiges, light green, and a hint of burgundy.

More importantly, I finally picked the books I’m taking with me on vacation next weekend!

Non-fiction pick, Death in the City of Light by David King, which I’ve had since Christmas and I think this is a great opportunity to finally get into it.

For the car ride and quiet time, Hemingway’s Girl by Erika Robuck, signed copy from BEA.

For light reading, Jennifer Weiner’s Then Came You, also a signed copy from BEA.

I may be taking a little bit of risk bringing signed books with me because there will be lots of sticky little munchkin fingers groping at things, but I’m willing to guard them and keep them out of reach.

5 responses to “Vacation Reads

  1. I read Jennifer Weiner’s Then Came You and liked it. It’s a good choice for anyone who likes Weiner’s type of book (it’s very similar to other novels she’s written). I tend to travel with kindle instead of paperbacks because I can have so many books with me.

    • I haven’t read Jennifer Weiner yet, but she was hysterical as keynote speaker at BEA. My dad loooves her…

      • I’m sure she is hilarious! Her sense of humor comes through in her writing, particularly in Good In Bed, which I think is a better book than her more recent ones.

  2. I’m curious to read what you think of Death in the City of Light — I brought an ARC with me to BEA, but didn’t get very far on it because I was so distracted with other things. If I’m remembering it correctly, the opening to that book is pretty grisly, even for a historical crime book.

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