Just for Fun

I haven’t posted many links lately, so…

I was tooling around Mental Floss and found a few gems:

11 Harry Potter Facts, many of which I was previously unaware.  Did you know it was translated into Latin?

11 Authors who Hated the  Movie Adaptations of their Books.  There are some heavy-hitter Oscar winners on this list!  Forrest Gump?  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?!

Miscellaneous dribble from The Huff Post:

Some cool underwater staging of Alice images (this one’s my favorite).

Nothing terribly original, but some Old Book Projects.

4 responses to “Just for Fun

  1. I know this is a blog about books, but a list could be made of authors/composers who hate what Hollywood did to their stage plays.

    • Funny that, Amadeus is my favorite movie. Chicago is not too bad either. Debate!

      • AMADEUS is pretty good. CHICAGO is a good film but not even close to the way it is presented live.Take a look at A CHORUS LINE, and especially GREASE. Also HELLO DOLLY is a joke. I could go on and on.

  2. The underwater Alice pics are cool!

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