Shelf Lust – Creating More Space

I love my books and I never cull my collection, so obviously space becomes an issue as I acquire more and more volumes.  So once or twice a year I shuffle my main bookcases containing my read fiction and literature.  Last week I thought separating the memoirs from these shelves would help, but that only amounted to a half a dozen books.  Then I realized how much real estate the Left Behind series was taking up.  (Disclaimer: I just can’t get rid of this ridiculous series, since I read it twice over a decade ago.)  Realizing I could utilize the unused space on TOP of the bookcases, I plopped them up there, dusted everything, and spread the rest of my collection out, making plenty of room for additions.  It’s always a good chance to do a good cleaning, too.



Atop the Bookcases

2 responses to “Shelf Lust – Creating More Space

  1. Ohh, I noticed the Left Behind Series atop the bookcases! I have those books too!🙂

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