So I’m still pretty new at this Twitter thing, but BookRiot is hosting a delightful Bookish Photo Challenge during the month of July.  I couldn’t resist participating!  Here’s what Cassandra says the challenge is all about:

 This last month, I watched with interest as several of my Twitter friends took part in Photo A Day, a game (or “meme,” though I hate that word) led by a blogger in Australia. The blog, Fat Mum Slim, is helmed by woman named Chantelle, and every month she posts a challenge list full of interesting ideas for photos. Those who are playing along will then share their photos via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social medium of their choosing, tagging the post with the appropriate hashtag for that month. For July, that would be #photoadayjuly.

It looks like a lot of fun, especially when one has children or pets to put in their photos. As I have neither, I thought I would turn to my book collection for inspiration. What I am going to do for the month of July is a Daily Book Pic (or #dailybookpic). I’ll be sharing my pics on Twitter and Pinterest, and anywhere else that I think of on that given day. I invite you to join along. I know July is already underway, so jump in whenever you like.

Now, I’m not claiming to be a stellar photographer whatsoever, especially when I take them with my iPhone.  But I’m getting a little more clever, and today I even attempted to Instagram this picture I took last night for today’s challenge, “Book and Beverage” (the funniest thing is most people posted their pics in the morning with their cups of coffee and I posted mine with a glass of wine at 6:30am):

Visit BookRiot to see the full challenge.  None of my pictures have been especially creative or inspired, but it’s still a fun little game to play!

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