Writer’s Corner

I’m having a bit of a blogging slump, after having written about so many cool adventures like BEA and Printer’s Row.  Plus I’ve been doing so much crafting, specifically my newest hobby, card making.  Having made so many friends from all over the country in NYC, I’ve been writing lots of notes and letters, on both store-bought and hand-made stationary and note cards.  So I wanted to give you a little tour of my writing space, (which is also where I considered blogging in my lament, A Room of One’s Own), where the magic happens…

First of all, I inherited this secretary from my grandma, and it’s got all the lovely nooks and cubbies.  I utilized them to store all of my necessary letter-writing equipment.  The cubbies on the left hold blank cards to design and store-bought notecards. The drawers hold stamps, fountain pen refills, and markers and highlighters.  Next to it is a pencil holder I made in high school ceramics, holding all the necessities like pens, exacto knives, scissors and glue pens.  And you can’t miss my box of 48 gel pens.  I’m worse than a teenage girl.  On the right are more boxes of notecards and a frame from my sister.  The books on top were featured in a previous Shelf Lust post, but those  green H.G. Wells Outline of History from 1922 are a recent addition.  So this is where I like to sit and write letters to my friends and create hand-made cards.

Stay tuned, and I’ll share with you examples of my creativity.  Until then, write your friends or family some notes, even if it’s just to say hi.  Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t bills, and you’d be surprised how much people appreciate a hand-written greeting.


4 responses to “Writer’s Corner

  1. I love all the little shelves! Having a desk with lots of storage space is a must of me. I need to have my things close by when I’m working.

    • You and I are on the same page, Kim. I am uber-organized and love compartments. In the closet close by, I just invested in a bunch of drawer systems for my other craft supplies. At hand, labeled, anal-retentive…

  2. Beautiful writing space. I took Saturday morning after the gym and started going through the mess that is my office. It will take another good, thorough going through, but it’s getting there.🙂

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