The Obstructions of My Full-Time Job

I am lucky enough to have a very lenient, even encouraging boss in my corporate job.  I can get away with checking in on my fellow bloggers, but I’m inhibited by my company’s fun-filter. You know, that lovely blocker of all sites deemed entertaining.  Luckily, I can check out most blogs hosted on Blogger and WordPress, but the filter’s behavior is often sporadic.  Some days, BookRiot is blocked, but then an hour later, I can view it no problem.   No sooner had I begun checking in on my new BEA blog friend Monica at The Obscured Vixen than her blog was blocked.  I’m assuming it was the abundance of purple and ripped male torsos.  And forget about Tumbler.

Today, my own blog was blocked, but that might not be the story tomorrow (I hope!).  But I never have been able to get into the dashboard to edit or create new posts.

Another problem is the format.  Typically, I cannot view other blogs in all their glory.  Pictures are often absent, headers all screwy, and don’t even get me started on sidebars.  Book Journey is a lovely site, but Sheila’s blog only comes up as bullet points on a white background, sans graphics.

And my biggest obstacle is commenting.  Some sites I can’t even view comments, and most I can’t make comments directly (with the exception of Literate Housewife).  I would participate so much more if I could make comments without trying to find a decent signal on the 34th floor of my office to pull up the blog and comment from my iPhone.  Am I bitching?  Not so much, I’m just trying to explain to my readers why I don’t play a more active role in the cross-blog love and memes.  But rest assured, fellow book nerds, I try checking in on you from home on at least a weekly basis.  If only I didn’t require an income and benefits…

What about you?  What can you get away with at work?

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