Just for Fun – Fine Books & Collections

I got my most recent Fine Books and Collectible newsletter a few days ago, and there are some cool articles I’d like to highlight.

First off, Swann is now offering a department of vintage writing instruments (update: link fixed!).  I like a heavy, quality pen any day, and one of my favorites is my Parker fountain pen.  And other famous writers have held their writing utensils in reverence:

 Plath used a Schaeffer fountain pen, Nabokov a Montblanc (when he wasn’t using pencil), Mark Twain a Conklin. Hemingway is connected with Montegrappa, Montblanc, Esterbrook, though he preferred pencil…

I’m a sucker for illuminated manuscripts, the older the better.  And in Hebrew! A product of, Florence, Italy from 1490.  I’m getting weak in the knees:


The manuscript goes to auction on May 11 in Paris and is expected to bring $540,000-800,000.

Only Snoop would make a smoke-able book out of rolling papers…

 Got the lyrics for “Gin and Juice” memorized?  Great, now you can rip those pages out and smoke up.  As an extra bonus, the spine has a built-in matchbook striking surface. Snoop’s got you covered in case you forgot your matchbook (but remembered your match).

One response to “Just for Fun – Fine Books & Collections

  1. What a beautiful book that must be.

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