Readathon Hour 4

Time Stamp: 3:24-4:59 (More than an hour, I’ll elaborate below)

Currently Reading: Jane Eyre

Pages Read This Hour: 32

Pages Read Thus Far: 156

I have become misguided!  I started my 4th hour with pasta salad I had made for a work potluck yesterday.  All my favorite yummies, tomatoes, artichoke and black olives.

And then I got distracted, took an unschelduled break, regained focus, read another chunk, theeeeen, dozed off.  What can I say, I was laying in my most comfortable bed, and if it had been a regular weekday, it would have been time for my train nap, and Mozart lulled me to sleep.

I have to mention that Jane has finally met Mr. Rochester!

The diligence is wearing down, and I’m going to continue reading, but I’m ditching the structure.  I’ll keep checking in with Dewey, I’m all about the mini-challenges, and will continue entering any that interest me.  I’ll also keep an eye on my fellow bloggers who are brave enough to endeavor the entire 24 hours.

2 responses to “Readathon Hour 4

  1. jennakathepickygirl

    Yea for Jane Eyre. And double yea for Rochester. That’s one of my all-time favorites. I almost napped earlier, but I pushed through…and then took a very long break. Ah well. I’m not good at doing something for so long when I know I’m supposed to be. Any other day reading all day would be fantastic. But hey – it’s still fun! Heading back to another Nancy Drew.

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