Lisbeth Salander, Badass


WARNING – If you haven’t read the Millennium Trilogy in its entirety, don’t read any more of this post.  Major plot giveaways!

The main reason I decided to do a character comparison is because when I finished The Girl who Played with Fire (book 2) and Salander survived 3 gunshot wounds and dug herself out of a grave, my first reaction was, she’s Beatrix F*cking Kiddo! (If you’ve been living under a rock and you’re unfamiliar with the protagonist of the Kill Bill movies,  move along!)  So, who’s more of a badass, Lisbeth or Beatrix?

Verdict: Lisbeth.  I think the tie-breaker was the impossibility of a tiny, antisocial citizen deemed incompetent taking on a creepy group of sickos with an agenda was way more dangerous than assassin vs. assassins.

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