Book Craft – Pendant

I walked outside today and saw an estate sale sign next door so of course I had to check it out.  I found a 1920’s volume of 4 Shakespeare plays for $1 and a beautiful antique box that I’m going to repurpose in the near future to use as my letter box.  They also had a gorgeous antique desk that I was salivating over and I probably could have gotten a great deal on, but alas, there is no space for it in my house.  But I was most happy to have found the book to repurpose.  I  got inspiration for this project here, but I’m not much of a big earring person, so instead I made a pendant for a necklace.

All I did was pick a pretty passage from Henry IV, cut it out and wrapped it around a piece of corrugated cardboard like a present with a liberal amount of Mod Podge (is there anything decoupaging can’t do?).  Add some jewlery wire and some seed beads and voila!  I chose green because I have a new shirt this would look awesome with.

3 responses to “Book Craft – Pendant

  1. What a fun idea…love it!
    Beth 🙂

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