Bestie Book Craft Extravaganza Part II

My ultimate goal for our book repurposing project was to decoupage pages from Alice in Wonderland onto some wooden letters to spell out BOOK and READ.  I started from the beginning of the book, making sure to use my favorite parts, and went to town with the Mod Podge.  If you don’t know how to decoupage, it’s very simple.  Paint on a layer of the Mod Podge, lay your paper or picture down, let dry, then do a topcoat.  Voila!  So easy.

While I was working on my project, Rachel started the first of hers.  She decoupaged some pretty scrapbooking pages onto a wood plank and painted some letters black to spell CREATE for her sewing/craft room.  While we waited for the paint and Mod Podge to dry, we attempted her clock project with Rachel’s copy of The Giving Tree.  She found a wooden box lid with a square hole already in the center for the clock mechanism, so she painted that black, too, then she glued all of the pages of her book together.

We hit a bit of a snag when we drilled a hole in the center of the book.  My biggest drill bit was not wide enough for the clock thingy to fit through.  But we were determined.  After some frustration, she managed to widen her hole enough to fit the damned thing through.  Then a few black number stickers were applied.  Alas, there were no instructions on the clock kit, so it’s not up and running yet, but the finished product looks pretty decent.  Rachel is going to google how to get the gears together, put a battery in, and soon she will have a darling working clock for her library.

The hardest part of my project was cutting the pages once they had been Mod Podged onto the wooden letters, so I spent a considerable amount of time wielding the exacto-knife.  While I was dealing with that tedium, Rachel finished her decoupage project, and both of us were blown away by the results.  The colors and patterns are so cute and everything fit perfectly.

Fast forward to when my letters finally dry and I am able to hang the final result on the wall in my Alice in Wonderland themed guest bedroom.  If you read the words in order (BOOK, READ), it actually follows the plot of the book from beginning to end.  I made sure to include The Mad Tea Party, Alice’s conversation with The Cheshire Cat, and I even used a poem that was uniquely formatted on the K.

There was one project we didn’t quite get around to, and that was what we had in mind for the  copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  It was an idea we got from Lisa Occhipinti’s book, The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life.    She has a neat how-to for making sunbursts out of a deconstructed book.  I will have to give it a try some time this week and will post the results along with my review of Lisa’s book.

So our Bestie Book Crafting Extravaganza was not only a success, but a ton of fun.  Rachel didn’t realize how easy decoupaging was and we both created some awesome accent pieces.  Then we made martinis.  The End.

2 responses to “Bestie Book Craft Extravaganza Part II

  1. Fantastic! You guys did a whole lot of work. The results are great, and it looks like you guys had a great time.🙂

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