The History of Book Shelving

Not only do I love this article (via BookRiot ) for its lovely history of book shelving, I also adore the pretty pictures.  And like the author, I have to begrudgingly admit that I house a healthy portion of my library on (gasp) IKEA Billy Bookcases.

 As it turns out, for a great deal of their history, shelves were much more haphazard than they are today. Before they even displayed books, they supported piles of scrolls…  But around the time the codex emerged in the first century AD, open shelves—which now housed two clashing forms, the long cylindrical scroll and the flat rectangular codex—began to be considered hideous… Hence the innovation of vertical storage.

So (change of subject), life is going to get pretty chaotic for Julz in the next few weeks.  Don’t be expecting many reviews because I’ll be focusing on my ABNA judging, but I’ll try to do some short posts here and there about my overall experience, though I have to maintain some level of confidentiality about the content.   And you’ll probably get more Shelf Lust posts.  Let the madness begin!

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