Happy New Year!

Resolutions suck, so I’m breaking out the thesaurus and setting objectives/ambitions/aspirations for 2012.  2011 yielded some successes and some failures.  Join the gym (and maintain a workout schedule and not cancel membership within 2 months): fail.  Quit drinking soda: success.  Read 2 books per week: fail.   Lose weight: double success, lost 10 pounds, went down a pant size and kept the weight off. Quit biting my nails: succcess.

My biggest achievement of the year that was not a “resolution” was starting my blog, which has been an immensely fun and enlightening experience.  So I suppose I should set some sort of blog-related goal, but I think for the time being it is pretty enough and plenty time consuming as is, so there’s not much more I really want to do with it other than maintain a regular posting schedule.  But I really do want to figure out how to put my Goodreads Currently Reading widget in my sidebar, so if anyone has some advice, please share.  I can’t seem to get the damn HTML to work…

This coming year, I want to focus more on my reading and my objective is to not futz around too much on my iPhone and other such nonsense.  I have already stated that I really want to tackle some epic behemoths, and the first on my list is Gone with the Wind.  And The Mom got me a lovely bound journal that I have already designated specifically for GwtW, much like I did for War and Peace.  However, because of my dedication to the Amazon Vine program and the abundance of review copies I receive, I still need to prioritize these books so I preserve my rock-star status online.  Plus I have some great new series to read…  Phew! Too much to read and too little time! Also, I’m setting a very realistic and nice round number (50) for the Goodreads Reading Challenge because I at least want a badge next year!  I’m currently only 2 books behind, but with less than 36 hours left in the year, it’s not going to happen.

Happy reading in 2012 and CHEERS!

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