Holiday Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  Not much to report here, but I just had to share that The Hubs scored huge points yesterday (Friday).  While I was wallowing in self-pity for having to work, he finally started reading The Hunger Games!  The overall struggle was just getting him to open the darn book, and after weeks of urging, he’s well into the first book and really seems to be liking it.  I’m just super excited that he found a series he can invest in over the next few weeks.  And last night, he asked if he could have his own notebook to jot things down in, so I happily gave him the new Da Vinci journal I picked up at HPB a few weeks ago.  This afternoon ShortMan is sitting comfortably in his ass-groove soaking up the adventures of Katniss and I’m swelling with pride (and a little bit of that I-told-you-you’d-like-it attitude).

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